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Corruption in India

If the modern era is called the era of corruption, it will not be an exaggeration. Today corruption has spread in every sphere of life. Its roots are so deep that no area of society has remained untouched by it. Corruption has demolished moral values from society and has promoted impurities such as selfish jealousy, malice, and greed.

The word ‘corruption‘ is made up of a combination of two words – ‘corrupt + ethics’ i.e. behavior that is corrupt, harmful to society. At the root of corruption is human selfishness and greed. Today, every person wants to enjoy the joy of all kinds of material pleasures by not earning more and more. The craving for money forces him to behave corruptly and even after understanding the proper, he becomes inclined towards unfairness. Many cravings of the mind frustrate his conscience.

The human mind is very fickle when he holds it in the chains of greed and greed, then the conscience of man is destroyed and he starts to like every bad act. By breaking social rules, he violates the law and becomes more inclined towards immoral deeds only for his own selfishness. Violation of human-producer policy rules is corruption.

Diet, sleep, fear, sexual intercourse in human beings and animals are equally common. If a man is superior to animals, then he is his conscience. There is no difference between a conscience and a man and an animal. Today, every human is living within the radius of the ‘self’, he has no worries about ‘wherever’, whoever bets, loses his hand.

The governance machinery is responsible to a large extent at the root of corruption. How can anyone be honest when everyone is corrupt from top to bottom. Whose responsibility is to hear complaints against corruption or those who have been appointed for elimination, if they become corrupt then how will corruption be eradicated.

Today, the roots of corruption are so deep that any criminal would get bribed and the innocent can be punished. People have neither fear of law nor a sense of social responsibility. The flow of corruption flows down from above. When the biggest leaders of the country are involved in scams, then what will happen below.

It will also be difficult to think of what will be the result of a country where there are corrupt convictions in every field. Business people sell adulterated goods, synthetic milk is being sold in the market, there is a lot of fake drugs, fruits and vegetables are also sold by attracting them with chemical substances, even if it can kill people. Tax evasion has become commonplace, smuggling appears to be openly sold. In case of any crime, the corrupt are freed by paying bribes. Corruption thrives in the protection of high officials many times. There is no action after filling the pockets of the officers. In the Tehelka scandal recently, many politicians were shown taking bribes, but what happened? No one got punished so many scams in the country.

How to remove corruption is a serious question. For this, clean administration and strict adherence to rules is necessary. If fifty-hundred corrupt people get severe punishment, then other people will be scared while doing corrupt conduct. For the end of corruption, the younger generation will have to come forward and be determined to build a corruption-free society.

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