Essay on Indian Festival (Short Essay on Diwali in English)

Essay on Indian Festival Diwali


Essay on Diwali

India is a land of fasts, feasts, fairs, and festivals. There is some fair or festival every month throughout the year. They are mostly religious, social, national, or seasonal. Diwali is an important festival celebrated all over the country.

Diwali is celebrated on the fifteenth day one the month of Kartik when the rains have ended. It marks the advent of winter when the harvest is ready to be reaped. It is said that Ram, the king of Ayodhya, returned to his kingdom on this day after his victory over Ravan, the king of Lanka. So people welcomed him by lighting lamps in the city. People illuminate their houses and worship Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth in memory of the same.

This festival is celebrated with great Joy. People clean their houses, whitewash and decorate them. In the evening the earthen lamps, candlesticks, and electric bulbs of different colors are lighted. Crackers are burnt. Goddess Laxmi is worshiped. Sweets are eaten. The ‘merchants open new account books for their business. Most of the people and children put on new clothes on this auspicious day.

People send greetings to their relatives and friends. `Diwali Milan‘ is arranged to meet local friends and relatives who join to enjoy this festival. Usually, they forget their mutual enmity and embrace one another with hearty sentiments. Though this is a festival. of the Hindus yet people of all communities of the country join in this celebration. Thus this festival increases the feeling of unity and brotherhood.

But there is a dark aspect to this great festival. On this day many people gamble. Many times the fireworks result in accidents and children fall prey to burns. These fireworks are costly, and there is a huge wastage of money. If these evils are got rid of, this festival brings the message of a happy future for all alike.