Essay writing on A Train Journey (a journey by train)

A Railway Journey (a train journey essay)
A Journey by Train

During the last summer vacation, I received an invitation from my friend Ramesh. He had invited me to attend the marriage ceremony of his sister in Delhi. So I decided to go to Delhi by train. It was a novel experience for me to undertake such a long journey independently. My parents also agreed to send me. My elder brother got my seat reserved in the Chhattisgarh Express for the 25th of May.

On the appointed day I reached the station with my brother. I was extremely worried to see a great crowd at the railway platform. The passengers were hurrying with their luggage from one corner to another. The coolies were transporting the luggage of the passengers. Children were crying. The hawkers were also crying to sell their articles. In the meantime, the train came and people rushed towards the doors to entrain. It was very difficult for me to find my way to get in. So I had to stay on the platform for a while. After Live minutes I got a chance to step into the compartment in which my seat was reserved. Fortunately, it was just near the window. So I put my hag there and took a long sigh of relief.

After staying for ten minutes the train started with a long and loud whistle. At first, it moved slowly on the rails, and then it took speed. Though it was not a novel experience for me yet I enjoyed the scenery through the window. The villages, the green fields. the trees and everything seemed to run in the opposite direction. I saw many people busy with their routine work unmindful of the passing of the train. The train did not snip at the smaller stations. Whenever the bigger stations came, the speed oldie train became slower by and by from the outward signal, and finally, it stopped on the platform where huge crowds awaited it.

At every station, some passengers got in while some got down. Some railway officials were busy with their duties. After a few hours, a ticket checker came to our compartment to check the tickets of the passengers. He caught five people who were traveling without tickets. Three of them paid the amount with the prescribed fine while two of them were handed over to railway police for necessary action.

At last, the train reached the Nizamuddin station of Delhi and stopped there. My friend met us at the station. Since I had no luggage, I took my bag and went out of the station after handing over my ticket to the ticket collector. My friend had bought It car in which we rushed to his residence. In this way, my journey ended peacefully.