Essay on AGE OF COMPUTERS (Importance of Computer Essay)

COMPUTER (Its uses in Modern World)


Benefits of Computer Essay

This is the age of suénce. Science has given us new technologies which have improved our life by giving time to us to spare at our leisure. This has become possible to due the speed with which different works are done. Things have now become easier with the use of computers. Computers have increased the speed of the work with accuracy. The infallibility of computers has made them reliable adds the best friend of man. They have now made deep roots in almost every aspect of human life.

Important of Computer

(i) Offices: Nowadays it is impossible to imagine an office without computers. Computers are now used extensively in offices for maintaining records, filing important documents, accounting, and daily works of office.

(ii) Transport: Computers have made air travel safe and secure. They are also used for booking tickets for trains. We can now book tickets for any train for any destination from anywhere. This has become possible due to computer only.

(iii) Hospitals and Medicines: In the field of medical science, the computer has proved its utility. They have not only helped the researchers, doctors, and scientists to find out cures to many dreaded diseases but also play a vital role in assisting the surgeons during operations and monitoring the condition of patients in the hospitals as well as homes.

(iv) Military: Modern warfare has become a game of hitting the enemy with precise accuracy to cause maximum damage. This accuracy in targeting the enemy location has become possible by the missiles that are guided by computers. Fighter planes use computers to attain their objectives.

(v) Recreation: The computer has also come up as a huge source of entertainment. We can play amazing games on them and listen to music and watch movies.

(vi) Internet: The Internet is actually a network of computer networks. The Internet Contains oceans of information on each and every topic. We can access it from any corner Of the world and can get information on any topic. It has made the world a smaller place through electronic mail. Thus computers in the modern world have immensely transformed the life of one and all.

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