Essay on Importance of Electricity In Our Everyday Life

Uses of Electricity


Importance of Electricity


Electricity is the greatest invention of science. It is a miracle. Electricity has brought a great change in men’s life. It has made his life comfortable and happy. It serves him in many ways.

Invent on

Electricity has been invented by Michael Faradc. It is generated by a generator. The generators arc big and small. To run the generator an engine is needed. This engine or turbine is run by steam and steam comes by boil-ing the water. Heat is got from coal or any other fuel. Diesel engines are also used. Generators can be run by water running from Dams. Atomic energy is also used for this purpose.

Uses at Home

Electricity is used in a number of ways. First of all, it is used for lighting our houses, shops structs, and other places. A number of domestic. appliances have made the life of man easier, more comfortable, and enjoyable. It lifts water from wells. It cools and warms our houses. Kitchen appliances have helped the housewife in her household work It provides enjoyment through Radio, TV, Tape recorders, etc.

Big Uses

Electricity runs our factories and mills. It runs our trains and trams. Several big and small machines are run by electricity. It prints newspapers, books, and other materials. It is used for irrigating the fields and -jor threshing the corn. Electricity moves huge cranes, digs tub walls, and helps in running telephones, teleprinters, and other means of communication.


Modern life is impossible without electricity. Its absence for a short while makes all of us restless. All the activities stop and life becomes paralyzed. I think it is not possible to list all the uses of electricity. We can see only one thing that electricity is the most essential thing nowadays.

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