Wonder of Science Essay 200 Words


“In the sky above, in the oceans below and on the earth-everywhere
gone the triumphant chariot of science.”

Introduction— In the dim dawn of creation when a man opened his eyes, he saw the blazing sun, the shining moon, the twinkling stars, the fast-flowing rivers, and gurgling cataracts. He cried in amazement, “What are these That question, today, has been fully answered by science.

Nehru – “To-Day our Life is fully governed and conditioned by science.

From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn our daily life depends on science. We live in the age of science. Science has made great wonders.

Science as a Blessing—Science has come as a blessing to man. Science has become a part and parcel of our life. Our life has become easy and comfortable. It has won true, distance and space. It has given us the means of travelling-buses, cars, trains, ships, and aeroplanes. It has given us a means of communication-telephones, telegraph wireless, fax, internet, etc.

Science has blessed us with electricity and atomic energy. Can we do without electricity? And what about the means of recreation? Can we do without radio, films, and television?

We have got a treatment of deadly like T.B. and Cancer. It has done wonders in the field of medicines. It has given eyes to the blind, legs to the lame, and arms to the armless.

Robots and computers are the wonders of science. Our farmers take the bumper crops and dairy products with the help of irrigation, fertilizers, and fodders.

Science as a curse—But science has its black side also. It has made us slaves of machines. It has *hatched away our calm and peace. Horrible bombs and I, C.B.M.’s are the threats to humanity. Hiroshima and Nagasaki still relate the sad saga of devastation.

The world is sitting on a volcano. Any brute like Hitler or Osama-Bin-Laden may make it erupt any lime. The following statements are true-

“Science has taught us to fly like birds in the sky and swim like fish in the water but it has not taught us how to walk on the earth.”

– Muxmuller

“The third world war will be fought with bombs and missiles but the
fourth will be fought with stones and arrows.”


Conclusion— Nothing is good or bad. Science can’t be blamed. It is a man who makes it so. We should use science for the welfare of mankind.

“Science is a good servant but a bad master.”
“Science is the key which unlocks for mankind the storehouse of nature.”

—V. Samuel;

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