Short Article on ‘Value of Time’ (190 Words)

Value of Time

Proper consideration of the value of time will also inspire habits of punctuality. Nothing begets confidence in a man sooner than the practice of this virtue and nothing shakes confidence sooner than the want of it. He who holds to his appointment, and does not keep you waiting for him, shows that he has regard for your time as for his own. Thus punctuality is one of the modes by which we testify our personal respect for those whom we are called upon to meet in the business for life.

It is also conscientiousness in a measure; for an appointment is a contract, expressed or implied, and he who does not keep it, breaks faith as well as dishonestly uses other people’s time, and thus inevitably loses character. We naturally come to the conclusion that the person who is careless about the business is not the one to be trusted with the transaction of matters of importance.

When Washington’s secretary, excused himself for the lateness of his attendance and laid the blame upon his watch, his master quietly said, “Then you must get another watch, or I another secretary.”