Short Article on ‘Freedom of Thought’ (200 Words) | Right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion or belief

Freedom of Thought

The most important thing is that we should have “freedom of thought.” This is not as easy as it sounds, for everyone likes to have this freedom for himself, but is not ready to give it to others when they express different opinions.

This is particularly the case when differences of opinion arise on such important matters as religion or politics. But if we refuse to let other people hold their opinions on these matters, and especially if we try to force them to accept our own, progress is impossible. If everyone went on thinking the same things as his ancestors thought, progress would come to an end because, as the Buddha said. “What a man thinks he becomes”.

So if we think exactly what our forefathers thought, we shall remain in the Condition in which they were. Our thought depends a great deal upon what we read and what we talk about. Therefore, if we want to think of new thoughts, we must try to study all sides of the topic that comes before us, and not be content only with what we read in newspapers or what others say. 

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