Essay on Menace of Terrorism in India or National Unity



India is a vast country. over 95 crores of people live in it. people living in one part or it differ widely from those living in some other part. The country is divided into a number of provinces. Society is divided into a number of castes and subcastes. Different languages are spoken in different parts of the country. Moreover, India is home or people following different religions. The problem is how to unite these different people into a single whole. How to foster national unity among so many varied people.

Our Past

Leaving some periods of our past time, internal quarrels, and narrow selfish aims have kept the country divided. Separatist tendencies have always resulted in her downfall. It was always divided into a large number of small states. National consciousness has always been lacking. This has ever been her greatest weakness. It is due to this lack of unity that country passed a long period of slavery and suffered partition of the country at the time of getting freedom in 1947.

Struggle for Freedom

When our struggle for freedom started, we became politically conscious of our national unity. It is because of a lack of unity that we had to fight a long battle for freedom. Rani Of Jhansi, Tatya Tope, and other warriors failed in their venture only because India could not stand united against the English. However, religious and cultural unity always exist in India. So when the struggle for freedom started again under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi we became aware of our weakness.

The great leaders from various parts of the country- Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Abul Kalam Azad, Chakravarti Rajgopalachari, etc. became united under the leadership of Gandhi and when the English realized that now India is united and they could not continue to rule her, they prepared themselves to give freedom. However, they became successful in dividing the country into two parts viz. India and Pakistan. Some countries did not want that India should be united, because she would become a great force.

Republic Day

On 26th January 1950, India declared herself a United Republic Nation. India under one Constitution, one Flag, and democratically elected federal republic government stood united before the world. We adopted secularism, liberty, and equality so that we can keep unity in diversity. Hindi was declared our national language but provincial languages were also recognized as official languages of the States. English was made the link language. The great leaders fostered brotherhood among the people.

Fifty Years of Independence

During the past fifty years of our independence, many setbacks to our national unity threatened India to be divided. Narrow religious-mindedness, linguistic differences, provincialism, and other tendencies played their part. However. our wise leaders like Pt. Nehru, Shastri, Smt. Gandhi etc. controlled these tendencies. We achieved unity to a great extent. Economic upliftment. fast means of communication, generous policies of the government, and tolerance of our leaders played an eminent role in achieving this.

Danger is not over—

however. we cannot sit satisfied. Some narrow-minded persons are trying to disunite the nation for their selfish ends. The killing of innocent people in Kashmir and other places has created a great problem for law and order. Irresponsible and selfish politicians are vitiating the atmosphere with hate and shameful quarrels. Corruption among leaders has reached a great height. they are ready to sell the nation’s interests to the foreigners and enemies of the country’.

America and other big countries do not want that India should remain united as it will make a very big nation. With great difficulty we could solve the problems of Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, etc. yet the danger is not over. Kashmir’s problem is also another sore. The dangers have become serious with the intervention of China and Pakistan. They are helping the terrorists in their disastrous work.

The recent Kargil war has proved that Pakistan wants our country disturbed and destroyed. Our army has beaten down their ulterior aim. Our people also stood unanimously behind our government and our army. We are proud of our brave jawans. Our unity compelled all the countries of the world to condemn Pakistan’s stand. We must continue this feeling of unity.

How to Achieve Unity—

Unity is not a thing, which is achieved once is achieved forever. We will have to strive for keeping it. The life of every citizen is secured only when there are unity and peace in the country. We should not give any place to narrow and selfish tendencies. We should learn to love and respect their feelings and views. people different from us. We should fully co-operate with our government in maintaining law and order.


We are not pessimistic. We hope that the extremists would soon realize that they are on the wrong path. Our cultural ties are very strong. If we promote the art and culture of India, we will find that the bounds of spirits will result in outward unity too. People are now more aware of the dangers to our national unity. They willfully try to strengthen it.

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